Oxleaze Barn Wedding // Sasha & Ollie

oxleaze barn wedding by cotwolds wedding photographer the shannons photography

Sasha & Ollie's Oxleaze Barn wedding was such a blast to shoot.  I can’t remember being at a wedding with so many smiley guests having the best time, it made our job an absolute breeze!  

Their British/Russian/Aussie love story gave the wedding a wonderfully international flavour.  The Aussie’s supplied the weather, the Russians the drinks and the Brits demonstrated how best to enjoy them both! 

The outdoor ceremony took place beneath the glorious late September sun, with Katherine and the team at Oxleaze Barn making the place look a picture of rustic sophistication.  Sasha emerged from behind the floral moon gate looking like an absolute B-A-B-E in her Halfpenny London dress to meet an emotional crowd.

We always jump at the chance to shoot outdoor weddings and when your blessed with sunshine to make even the Aussies jealous it really doesn’t get much better! (Lucky side note: It was also doubly satisfying as it poured every day for the next 2 weeks!)

With the sun setting we grabbed Sasha & Ollie for a few moments in the epic light for some gorgeous couples portraits. As the wedding gong was sounded the guests headed into the wedding breakfast to be greeted with enough vodka to sink the Russian navy (check out the size of those magnums..!) and many pickled delights.

Needless to say this firmly set the tone for the evening's proceedings and after some emotional charged speeches and plenty of fire on the dance floor we said a heartfelt goodbye and hit the road.  Thank you Sasha & Ollie having us along to capture your beautiful Oxleaze Barn wedding, here are a few of our favourite moments...

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Venue: Oxleaze Barn // Photography:  The Shannons Photography // Creative London Wedding Photographer // Dress: Halfpenny London // Bridesmaids Dresses: Rewritten Bridesmaids // Flowers: Teapots and Tiaras