Vietnam // Travel


We had fully intended on seeing as much of Vietnam as we could in six days. In the end, we loved Hoi an so much, we just kinda stayed. Yes this may be the ‘wimp’ style of travelling but after a busy summer of weddings, we were ready to crash. Hoi an could be described as the picture perfect postcard for Vietnam, a french colonial Disney-esq dream. It might not have been gritty but it sure was pretty.

We arrived at the start of rainy season however still managed to enjoy a few days of sun. In true Brit style, I got horrendously burned on the first day (it seems I am not invincible to the big ball of fire in the sky). I was quickly distracted by the array of tasty street food Hoi an had to offer. With a delicious 3 course meal costing around £6, it’s no exaggeration to say Getting some new threads is a must in Hoi an-  it’s unbelievable value and you come away looking pretty dapper. Pete picked up 2 beautiful suits and I had some custom jumpsuits made (coming to a wedding near you soon!).

It’s fair to say we left our hearts amongst the sun kissed streets of Hoi an. There are some trips that are memorable and there are those that are unforgettable, this place was the latter.