Hi we’re Vicki and Pete – London based wedding photographers 

      AKA the Shannons.

      We thought we’d take a few minutes to update the blog as to how we arrived upon our name change and shiny new website.  Over the past few months we’ve been taking stock of how far we’ve come as wedding photographers and what a fun and exciting journey it has been.

      I don’t think either of us imagined a few years back that 1. We’d be wedding photographers 2.  We’d be launching our second website 3. We’d be loving it SO MUCH (yes capitals necessary).

      After a late night discussion aboard a train returning from a wedding it became clear that we both wanted to step things up and to better communicate who we were and what we were about. Our original name Wheels and Co came about after some more late night chat about how we loved bikes (yes we get real deep I know) and it just kind of stuck…plus it had the added bonus of allowing us to argue over who was the Wheels and who was the Co in our relationship.  



      After a bit of toing & froing we kept returning to the obvious.  There’s no escaping the fact that we are the Shannons (even though Vicki still hasn’t changed her passport…uh hum!).  We love that we get to shoot together as a married couple, working with your best mate is a lot of fun and it’s also pretty handy knowing exactly how the other works and spurring each other on to best capture the day – why shouldn’t this be front and centre in our brand?



      It’s not been easy to let go of something that we’ve worked so hard to build, not to mention the sleepless nights littered with broken links!  However this next step makes us feel incredibly proud and we’re so grateful to those people who have made it possible, most notably the genius’ over at Flothemes and their uncanny ability to code their way around every obstacle we threw at them!

      Anyway, it’s super exciting to finally pull back the curtains and engage the large red LAUNCH button we’ve been itching to hit.  We’re so looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people who’ve chosen us to be a part of their special day – 2018 is shaping up to be a cracker!

      We’d love to know what you think of our shiny new slice of internet real-estate or if you simply wanted to find out more about our approach, drop us a line at:


      Shannons out.